Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Do I need to bring a mat?

No, there are mats which are cleaned after and before every class.

Is it possible to take a shower after the class?

Yes, there are 2 showers that can be used.

I am a beginner can I join a class?

Yes, all my classes are mixed classes and can be joined by beginners. However, if you are hesitating and prefering getting an introduction let me know.

I am not flexible, can i practice Yoga?

Yoga is not about being or getting hyper flexible. See it as an all over massage that you give to yourself through the diffrent Yoga poses. Each and every pose frees tension in your body and stimulates zones you will never touch during in your daily life. Also the physical Yoga practice helps to calm your mind and relax. So it is not about the pose itself, it is more about the state of mind that you are in while you are practicing. The physical benefits of Yoga are a very lucky side effect.

Can I purchase a package of classes? And how does it work?

Yes. You can purchase 10 classes for the price of 9. For example for Aerial and SUP Yoga you pay 90.000 CFA and for Vinyasa Yoga and Yogstics for children 45.000 CFA. I will note down every class you join a class and let you know once no class is left on your package.

Aerial Yoga

I have never done Yoga before, can I join an Aerial Yoga class?

Yes. Some poses look impressive but you will do most of them even in your first class. I will guide you step by step through every pose. Also the fabric is you partner. It helps you even to access poses and to find the the right alignment.


What do your recommend to wear in an Aerial Yoga class?

Wear something tight so you won’t get bothered by a T-Shirt falling over your head during the inversion poses. Also please take off all jewelry and watches before a class.

I am pregnant can i do an Aerial Yoga class?

You can do Aerial Yoga, especially if you had a regular Aerial Yoga practice before your pregnancy. However, it is maybe not the right moment to join a classical Aerial Yoga class when you are pregnant. If you are interested in joining a prenatal Aerial Yoga class feel free to conact me direcly.

SUP Yoga

I have never done Yoga before can  I join an SUP Yoga class?

Yes, you can. SUP Yoga classes are less dynamic and mostly basic poses are thaught which can easily be practiced by beginners. Also keep in mind that falling in the water is part of the game and happens even to advanced Yogis.

I am not a good swimmer can i join the class?

No, unfortunatly not. Good swimming skills are required for safety reasons.

I get easily sea sick, can I join the class?

As it is very likly that you can get sea sick on the SUP board especially as we are practicing on the sea and there might be some waves  i won`t recommend it.

What shall I wear?

You can wear a standard Yoga outfit, maybe not the newest one as it might get wet, or just a suitable bading suit.

What should I not forget?

Don`t forget to protect you against the sun (cream, heat, suit) and bring water.

Where can i put my stuff (bag, shoes etc.) ?

You can leave it in my car. I have someone who will take care it during the class.