About ME

As a child with a high demand of physical activity, I dreamed of becoming a circus girl. However, during my studies to become a translator, this young dream faded away.


In 2006 as a young mom, I started practicing Yoga regularly and discovered how this improved my range of motion and brought relaxation and lightness into my everyday life. From 2011 on, I passed several Yoga teacher trainings and in 2017, I finally set up 3 Elements Yoga.


3 Elements stands for Earth, Air and Water as i teach Vinyasa Yoga on the mat, Aerial Yoga in fabrics and Standup Paddle Yoga on the water. All my classes provide you with wellness for body and mind offering you lightness, stability and freedom, leaving you relaxed, healthy and energized.


Giving yoga classes in Dakar, gives me the possibility to combine my passion for Yoga with my passion for different languages and cultures. Also finally the circus girl in me shines in my Aerial Yoga classes,

in SUP Yoga I enjoy sun, wind and sea and in my Kids classes I am sometimes allowed to be a child again.